"Instead of things I’m good at, it might be faster to list the things I can’t do. I can’t cook or clean the house. My room’s a mess, and I’m always losing things. I love music, but I can’t sing a note. I’m clumsy and can barely sew a stitch. My sense of direction is the pits, and I can’t tell left from right half the time. When I get angry, I tend to break things. Plates and pencils, alarm clocks. Later on I regret it, but at the time I can’t help myself. I have no money in the bank. I’m bashful for no reason, and I have hardly any friends to speak of." — Haruki Murakami, Suptnik Sweetheart
lessons with vixx: sass |sas| verb
1. be cheeky or rude (to someone)
• see also: han sanghyuk
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Selections from ‘Rituals’, by Noorann Matties

Forced to examine ourselves in ways many normally avoid, Rituals as a project sought to capture the moment in which we our lives become devoid of distraction and we become intimately aware of ourselves. By photographing people’s personal beauty rituals I attempted to capture this awareness, this intimacy that occurs only when one is forced to examine their own body, the most basic thing that is theirs, and build upon it.

view the complete series at http://inconnumag.com/rituals/

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tavo montanez


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140311 This is Infinite filming
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Taewoon ft. in Seo In Young’s “Love me”

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